“Green Tips and Facts” in honor of Earth Day (on April 22)

Is your life too plastic?
Click here http://www.bagitmovie.com/trailer.html to view the trailer to the movie “Bag it”.
Recently the Daufuskie Island Conservancy purchased the movie “Bag it” and learned the following facts:
*The top three plastic containers that Americans use and throw away the most are bags, bottles and cups.
*Bottled water has surpassed sales of milk and beer and in three years will surpass the sale of soda.
*Plastics are made with fossil fuels and transported by fossil fuels.
*17 million barrels of oil are consumed for plastic bottle production each year. The production generates 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.
*Numerous European countries have either banned plastic bottles or reuse them and issue a deposit.
To learn more about the issue click here http://www.bagitmovie.com/about_issues.html
Please visit the Conservancy’s table at Farmer’s Market this Saturday from 11a – 1p at Marshside Mama’s and learn more about plastic consumption.

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