2017 Calendar of Events

Snakes on the Move

MONDAY, June 26 – 2:00 PM at Haig Point Community Center (behind the Equestrian Center)


Cultivating Carolina Yards Free Workshops:

July 5:
  • Maintain Healthy Soil & Reduce Runoff
  • Be wise when you fertilize and enrich your soil
  • while protecting water quality!

July 12:

  • Recycle Yard Waste & Water Wisely 
  • Transform yard debris into valuable compost and improve your lawn by saving water!

July 19:

  • Manage Pests & Use Rain as a Resource
  • Beat the bugs and harvest rainwater to save money and help protect our waterways! 

July 26:

  • Garden Like a Local!
  • Learn how plant placement can save water, fertilizer, and money while attracting wildlife!