Volunteer of the Year Award
Gwen and Chuck Henry

The Daufuskie Island Conservancy formed an Adopt-A-Road program and 2008 and his been running very well ever since.

On a per-capita basis, Daufuskie islanders probably hold the world record of residents who commit to volunteer efforts to preserve the natural beauty of their island. An outstanding example is our adopt-a-road program because nothing destroys the sublime panorama of a rural setting as an aluminum can carelessly tossed onto the shoulder of the road. Even the wildlife seems to appreciate our efforts.

Please contact Nancy Hunter at to find more information on how to adopt-a-road.


Trash Busters

The Trash Buster program supplements our Adopt A Road program. We need volunteers year round and especially during tourist season. There are three Trash Buster levels listed below. Each level designates the frequency that the Trash Buster will pick up trash anywhere on the island. The trash collected goes directly to the dump unless you are collecting during an Adopt A Road weekend. Contact Nancy Hunter at if you would like to sign up and need supplies.

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