Program Information

Adopt A Road (AAR), Nancy Hunter In collaboration with Keep Beaufort County Beautiful and Palmetto Pride the AAR program was established in 2009 to clean up, beautify, educate and raise awareness about litter. We modeled the Daufuskie AAR program after Beaufort County’s Adopt A Highway program. However, the AAR volunteers collect trash bimonthly instead of monthly. There is an AAR map divided into 34 sections, roughly 1/4 mile each, of road or beach (excluding Haig Point) on the island. An e-mail reminder to clean the section is sent to volunteers one week prior to the first Saturday of each even numbered month. Blue bags placed at the intersections of green colored roads are collected by the county. Historically there is an annual sign up for volunteers at an appreciation party. Grabbers and trash bags are provided to volunteers by the Conservancy. The AAR Volunteers participate in two beach sweeps annually, spring and fall in partnership with Haig Point.


The Daufuskie Island Cat Sanctuary, Laura Winholt The Daufuskie Island Cat Sanctuary is organized to serve Daufuskie Island, Beaufort County Animal Services and the Hilton Head Humane Association. The cat sanctuary provides a permanent and safe home for cats that, for whatever reason, are threatened or have been evicted from their outdoor home, and for unwanted or abandoned cats that are not suitable for adoption. We offer spay/ neuter and relocation assistance to homeless cats and cats owned by island residents. We work closely with area veterinarians to ensure the health and wellbeing of our cats. Thanks to generous financial and in-kind donations from cat lovers and veterinarians, along with the countless hours of so many great volunteers, the program has been exceptionally successful. The Daufuskie Island Conservancy sponsored the cat sanctuary from 2012 until August of 2016. The Hilton Head Humane Association (HHHA) approved the Daufuskie Island Cat Sanctuary as one of its programs. HHHA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded entirely by private donations, bequests, membership dues and fundraising. No funding is received from any government agency or humane organization. The staunch support of the community makes the success of the Hilton Head Humane Association possible. To schedule a private tour of the Cat Sanctuary please call Laura at 843-683- 2531 or email at Please like our Facebook Page. Daufuskie Island Cat Sanctuary



Website, Chase Allen Was designed by Chase Allen and Brad Young, 4 Point Design. The website is updated monthly by Brad Young, hired webmaster consultant. All directors and coordinators are responsible for sending the webmaster information per our Webmaster Policy.


Haig Point Recycling Center: Begun in 2007 as a single 40-yard compartmentalized dumpster in order to reduce the amount of recyclables going to the landfill, reduce the amount that Haig Point spends on vendor services to remove waste from the island and to educate Haig Point residents about the benefits of recycling. In April, 2011, with the introduction of curbside service offered by Republic Waste, a single stream recycle center was established. This center was expanded to include collection of household paint, e-waste, a swap shop, household batteries and other recyclables. We monitor this user-friendly recycling center and track the amount of solid waste leaving Haig Point to raise awareness of the positive effect of recycling. The trend has been a reduction in trash going to the landfill and we have generated community pride in this accomplishment. In working with the county and the Haig Point community, we hope to make our island an example of the success that working collaboratively can bring and hope to make this recycling center a prototype for the entire island.


Island Clean-up, Paul Vogel Daufuskie Island is plagued with numerous dumpsites where over many years residents, contractors, and others have discarded unwanted building materials, household items, and trash. These sites go considerably beyond careless littering, and instead are significant enough to pose a hindrance to future island development, and in some cases, an actual threat to the environment. To quantify the problem, a “windshield survey” was performed by DI Conservancy volunteers to locate dumpsites that can be seen from the public roads. Photos of dumping were  taken and a list of property owners was compiled. The owners were notified of the survey and asked to grant permission for a full assessment of their property. Island dumping was classified in two categories: Phase I- items can be easily and safely cleaned by volunteers. Phase I clean up began February 2013 and will continue annually as needed. Phase II- items can be safely removed with heavy equipment and barged off the island. Phase II clean up will require grants to complete and estimates of this work are a necessary part of this process. Large and heavy items need to be demolished on site before hauling to dumpsters. A list of the sites and the items to be demolished have been identified and will be provided to the vendor. The DI Conservancy believes that it is important to remediate these dump sites. Prior to 1991 Daufuskie’s Historic District residents were responsible for taking their solid waste off Daufuskie by boat or burning combustable items. Over decades, many items such as cans, stoves, refrigerators, cars and glass have been discarded on private property. Companies who do business on Daufuskie are responsible for the expensive barging of waste off island. Today commercial dumping continues to plague the island landscape.  Solutions need to be researched and implemented to prevent future dumping and make a long term difference to the community.


Membership Communications / Donations, Eileen Pojednic Our organization accomplishes most of its goals through our fundraising efforts. Funds are raised through memberships, donations, grants and events. The Conservancy has various levels of single, family and corporate memberships. The Board of Directors engages our donors and volunteers as a team, sharing in the process and the success of our mission to protect the island environment. To that end, communication with our donors and volunteers is an important part of our mission as we rely on their support and partnership.


One Island Solution, Karen Opderbeck This project supports the Conservancy’s mission of protecting Daufuskie’s natural resources through the promotion of one island-wide, earth-friendly waste management facility, which consolidates solid waste and includes promoting the re-use of recyclables, decreasing or eliminating illegal dumping, and reducing the amount of waste leaving the island for Hickory Hill Landfill. The project will promote economic development on the island and serve as a model for island and rural communities.