Sustainable Landscape Plants

Sustainable Landscaping — Low-impact, low-maintenance, low-resource-use landscaping that fits a particular site and climate.

Atamasco Lily

Zephyranthe atamasco
Native evergreen
Sun or shade
Regular water
White, rarely pink, crocus-like
2" deep, 4"-6" apart. naturalizes
Blossoms summer though fall

Beauty Berry

Callicarpa Americana
Deciduous, Native
4”-8”, 4”-6” Spread
Sun, part shade
Regular to moderate water; drought tolerant
Med. green, coarse leaves, purple fruit in fall - loved by birds
Any soil, wooded location
Small lilac flowers in summer

Blazing Star

Liatris Elegans, Liatris Squarrulosa
Perennial, Native
3”-4”, corms, rhizomes, seeds
Endure heat, cold, drought
White, purple
12” spacing, sandy soil
July through August blossom time

Bottle Brush Buckeye

Aesculus Parviflora
Acidulous, Native
8”12”, 8”15” spread
Sun, part shade
Regular water
White flowers in summer, fall colors
Fertile, moist soil
Summer bloom

Common Spice Bush

Lindera Benzoin
Deciduous shrub, native
Full sun to part shade
Regular water, good drainage, some drought
Greenish-yellow flowers mid April
Naturalizing, strongly aromatic leaves when crushed
Yellow leaves in fall, berries attractive to birds


Hardy perennial, native, deer resistant
12”-26”spread with rhizomes
Light to full shade

Dwarf or Daisy Gardenia

Gardenia Radicans
Evergreen, deer resistant, ground cover
1”-2”, 2”-3”spread
Sun to part shade
Regular water
White fragrant flowers June through summer

Japanese Roof Iris

Light shade
Regular water
16” apart, alkaline well-drained soil
White, blue-violet flowers through spring

Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum
Deciduous tree
Some varieties 6”-8”, some may reach 40” to 50”
May be broader than tall
Ideal in dappled shade
Good drainage, regular watering
Slow growing moist soil, acidic well-drained
Spring and fall leaf color, purple flowers in spring
Specimen plant


Lanceleaf Coreopsis
10”-12” spread
Will grow in dry to moit soil
Neutral to slightly alkaline
Yellow flowers June through fall

Dwarf Nandina

Berberidaceae (Heavenly Bamboo)
Regular to moderate water
White flowers, red berries, lacy look
Requires little care

Moss Rose

Regular to light water, drought
Multi colorful flowers, spring through frost
Sandy soil
Will self sow

Prickly Pear

Opuntia humifusa
Perennial, native
2”-3”, 3”-6” pads
Moist soil
Cold hardy
Yellow flowers in early summer
Fall berries (deible)


Cercis Canadensis (Judas Tree)
Deciduous, native
Sun, partial shade
Prefers dry area
Purple flowers in spring
Adaptable soil, acid to alkaline


Deciduous, native, bird food
Full sun
Regular water, does not like drought
Yellow green leaves, aromatic tree
Good drainage, non-alkaline soil
Dark blue berries in spring, beautiful, colored leaves in fall

Sweet Grass

Perennial, native
Purplish flowers and fruit summer through fall
Used in the weaving of sweet grass baskets

Sweet Gum

Liquidambar styraciflua
Native, perennial, deciduous tree
up to 50”
Sun to shade
Hardy, can become invasive
Fruit in fall
Beautiful colored leaves in the fall

Sweet Shrub

Calycanthus floridus (Carolina Allspice)
Deciduous shrub, native
6”-8” spread
Sun to shade
Regular water
Purple, small fragrant flowers in spring
Buy in bloom, fragrance varies,
Shrub border

Fragrant Tea Olive

Osmanthus fragrans
10”-12” with 10”-14”spread
Sun to part shade
Regular to moderate water, drought tolerant
Tiny white flower, sweet fragrance spring and early summer
Afternoon shade, no soil requirements


Cunea tum (Sessile – most common)
Perennial, native
10” Rhizome
Regular water
Deep red blossoms warly spring

Viburnum Obovatus

Shrub, many cultivars
Full sun, light shade
Once established has low maintenance needs

Wax Myrtle

Bayberry, Myrica cerifera
Evergreen, native
Full sun to part shade
Regular water
Grayish white fruit eaten by Myrtle Warblers
Tolerates infertile soil, likes watering and fertilizer

Yaupon Holly

Ilex vomitoria
Evergreen, berries, bird food, native
Full sun to part shade
Red berries
No soil particulars, acid or alkaline

Yellow False Indigo

Horsefly weed, Baptisia tinctoria
Bushy-branched, rhizomatous perennial, native
Up to 3” tall
Sun to part shade
Drought tolerant, moderate water
Blue dye is made from the leaves
Flowers April through August